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Students improving the world with UAV technology

Students improving the world with UAV technology

Aerobotic Tech Team Twente

Meet A3T

We are Aerobotic Tech Team Twente, otherwise known as A3T. We are the first and only competitive student drone team in the Netherlands based at the University of Twente. At A3T we are preparing our members to become the leaders in tomorrow’s drone industry, by education and participating in various international drone competitions. Our mission is to improve the world with drone technologies, and so everything we do will be according to our main value: social impact.

Meet A3T

Our challenges


In view of preparing against the rise of rogue drone, the Dutch police and the Ministry of Security and Justice have initiated this challenge in form of a competition. With two set out goals for the competition


Design UAVs capable of withstanding both physical and digital attacks


Develop defense techniques against opponents and the police



A part of the social acceptability of UAV relies on their decision-making capabilities in dynamic environments. The university of Bristols invites international researchers to collaborate in the development of self-aware UAVs in the form of a competition.


Develop a fully UAV capable of navigation through an indoor environment

Industry application

Develop a system that can be used to automate warehouse management

UAS Challenge

UAVs offer a low-cost alternative to tackling modern search and rescue missions, unlike helicopters. The UAS Challenge combines creativity with technology to provide sustainable solutions to humanitarian missions. The goals can be summarized as followed:


Develop a fully autonomous medical UAV


Carry out a humanitarian mission to deliver aid to an affected area

UAS Challenge
Drone X challenge

Drone X challenge

The Urban Air Mobility (UAM) should expect a growth of UAVs in the upcoming years. We will develop a UAV that can be used in the following topics:


Develop a transport UAV capable of lifting 50 kilograms


Make preparations for UAV capable of lifting a person

Research and Development

Research and Development

A3T does not limit itself to international UAV competitions. The aim of our R&D group is to enhance the existing capabilities of UAVs through: innovative research, social undertakings and collaborations. At the moment, we are involved with the following research topics:


Hydrogen powered UAV for a future sustainable world


Project of creating a flying small scale airship

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